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Bree 'Mei-Li' Preuitt
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Bree 'Mei-Li' Preuitt

Bree Preuitt oversees the Network’s diverse slate of digital media productions, and serves as an Executive Producer on several of the Network’s future and existing programs. She oversees the day-to-day activities of the Network and drives the overall growth strategy. Preuitt oversees the visual and conceptual underpinnings of all Network projects from the early development stages through execution and release. Her scope of oversight extends to all of The Polaris Network’s ancillary projects as well, including books, events, and exhibitions. A University of Georgia graduate, Preuitt is a talent magnet, and she brings a unique expertise that will help shape the Network’s way forward. Prior to joining the Network, Preuitt spent several years working with youth empowerment groups from teaching digital media programs and overseeing program leadership with the environmental organization Greening Forward. Furthermore, Preuitt is responsible for curating content for the Network, this includes working closely with the Script Writers to spearhead new content ideas, setting up content meetings, and overseeing production design/set assembly. 

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Ryan Aubrey

Ryan Aubrey brings both years of experience and investment financing to the Network. He sits at the frontline of all incoming projects and development, and assists in shaping and managing projects as they move into the production pipeline. Aubrey’s responsibilities include managing content curation, project development, creative oversight, and production workflow; in addition to ensuring that all projects are aligned creatively with The Polaris Network vision. Aubrey is a TV producer and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. A graduate of Texas Southern University, Aubrey began his career as a Production Assistant for BET Networks (a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.); before continuing to garner experience from companies such as; Warner Bros. Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Vendetta Entertainment, and 3 Corner Studios (formerly Circle 8 Productions). As an award-winning industry veteran, Aubrey is integral to the wider creative vision of The Polaris Network, researching and developing visual and conceptual frameworks for the Network’s programs, and realizing special projects such as publications and off-screen productions. Part of Aubrey’s job is to assist with identifying and recruiting new creators and talent to develop limited series podcasts to support upcoming films, music releases and other related projects.

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Post-Production Coordinator

Jessica Marrs

Jessica Marrs helps producers achieve as much as is possible in the edit process without going over budget. On productions that involve the usage of complex concepts, Marrs makes sure the producers are aware of all the creative and financial considerations of post-production before work on the production even begins. Marrs helps hire staff for the edit, such as sound editors and title designers. She will continue to work on the production until all the elements needed for the completion of the project are delivered. This includes the music and effects version, which allows the dialogue track to be replaced with different languages. Marrs works directly with the executive producers to oversee the editorial direction of the multi-genre network. 

Ryan Aubrey
Jessica Marss
Stephanie Rosas
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Podcast Producer

Corey Rawlins

A recent graduate from the illustrious Winston -Salem State, Corey brings unique experience in the form of screenwriting, editing, production, and a proven capacity for managing and directing talent. Corey comes to Polaris from AMC Networks’ ALLBLK where he spent 4 months working as a Development & Production Intern. Corey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications.

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